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"I have much success with muscular-skeletal conditions: back-pain, sciatica, neck/shoulder pain, post-operative pain, headaches, insomnia, stress/ anxiety, depression, migraines gynecological; hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders, infertility, low energy, Digestive problems; IBS, contipation, allergies, hayfevr,  bloating, overweight etc."

Mei Cheung - 

Mei is an Acupuncturist and herbalist from Chinese Medicine tradition having studied 6 years at the renowned London College of traditional Acupuncture and have been in practice since 2008.  She undertook further training experience in China at the famous Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she saw at first hand acupuncture practiced as part of an intergrative system in a hospital setting. She is also trained in Tuina massage and Facial Revitalization Acupuncture. Mei was also a member of the Munro Complementary Health-COOP charity for 4 years providing therapies to various local communities in Westminster.  

Mei’s aim is to promote calmness, growth, self-healing and the patient’s self awareness of their own spiritual & physical health. Mei’s approach to treatment is holistic in its truest sense, the integration of body, mind and spirit. Looking at the patient as a whole, to treat any imbalances whether it’s physical or emotional or both. Often there’s correlation between pain and blocked emotions/energies. 

All factors are also taken into account to form a full picture analysis. In my practice, I always take care to strengthen the “constitution” of the patient which is their unique genetic “blueprint” as well as dealing with their main complaint. Patients often report “a sense of well-being”. Ultimately, it’s about reaching a state of equilibrium in mind and body.

Mei works across from central London at Maida Vale, Edgware Road, to  the South East at Neal's Yard Therapies in Bromley.  

    •    Acupuncture in BSc -London College of Traditional Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (Portsmouth University) 2008
    •    PG Certificate in Oriental Herbal Medicine (RCHM & EHPA) (University of East London) 2010.
    •    Certificate in Facial Acupuncture Revitalisation with Virginia Doran, 2017
    •    Balance Method Acupuncture with Dr. Tan, 2010
    •    Certificate in Facial Acupuncture Revitalizatio with Jamie Hedger 2009
    •    Diploma in Tuina Massage - Asante Academy (Middlesex University)
    •    Certificate in Advanced Course of Acupuncture of TCM (Guangzhou University Hospital, China) 2007

1st Consultation
£ 70 for  75 mins
Follow up
£ 55 F/U 60 mins

Acupuncture + Acupressure massage (15 min)
1st Consultation
£ 85 for 90 mins
Follow up
£ 70 for £75 mins
Facial Acupuncture/Revitalisation, Cupping, Oriental Herbal Medicine - Prices on request 

Address : Neal's Yard Remedies, 8 East St, Bromley BR1 1QX
Mobile : 07872 160641
Email :

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